nfoWatch is a group of innovative technology companies focused on developing and providing cutting-edge comprehensive technologies and services dedicated to Data Loss Prevention & Protection, Intellectual Property Protection, Customer Experience and Reputation Management, as well as Risk Management and Compliance solutions. InfoWatch products allow clients to reduce to a minimum the risks associated with the processing, movement and storage of information within the corporate secure area and outside it.

InfoWatch Traffic Monitor

InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Enterprise is an integrated solution for the protection of large organizations' valuable information, taking into account industry-specific features:
- It helps businesses to be confident that their valuable and confidential data is safe.
- It offers an understanding of all organization's internal and external information flows.
- It enables the activities of those involved in industrial espionage to be identified.
- It helps with business intelligence, monitoring the activities of staff and determining their degree of loyalty toward the company.
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InfoWatch End Point Data Protection

InfoWatch EndPoint Security is designed to solve all tasks relating to the management and protection of workstations on corporate networks.
The combination of several technologies and the carefully considered way in which they work together creates an integrated end solution – a single console, a single policy for managing all functionality, a single agent on client machines. All of these elements ensure the required level of control.
InfoWatch EndPoint Security protects important information from being leaked and blocks unauthorized activity by employees thanks to the use of encryption technology and flexible access restriction policies which can be configured to your needs. The product is easy to master, deploy, and administer.