Sevengate gives high attention and focus on training quality and employs certified instructors who specialize on the most well recognized security products in the market. Sevengate also acts as a certified training partner for Sophos security solutions.


Sevengate provides training for the below security subjects:

SCSE [Sophos Certified Security Engineer] certification course prepares individuals to recognize insider threats and user-targeted external threats while giving them expertise in networking and security fundamentals in addition to the deployment and configuration of Sophos Next Generation Firewalls.

The course is comprehensive, yet easy to follow, with real world scenarios, delivering practical value to aspirant security professionals.

SCSA [Sophos Certified Security Architect] certification course is meant for SCSE-certified professionals to advance their career.

It provides them with the expertise in deploying Sophos security in complex scenarios for enterprise networks. Course participants will learn about advanced debugging and troubleshooting issues and deepen their understanding of Sophos security architecture.

Hands-on lab sessions allow participants to gain direct exposure to events that take place in a Sophos enterprise set-up, product installation, integration into a network, configuration for various Sophos features such as anti-virus, anti-spam, content filtering, VPN, IPS, high availability etc. and support / troubleshooting issues.

SCT [Sophos Certified Trainer] is a certification program that trains and certifies SATP [Sophos Authorized Training Partners] and Sophos Authorized Distributors to become certified trainers for Sophos certification programs. The program is meant for partners who hold a Learning Solutions competency and who have demonstrated an exceptional knowledge of Sophos range of products and maintain technical and instructional expertise using Sophos Next Generation Firewalls.

The SCT program fulfillment allows Sophos Distributors or Authorized Training Partners and individuals to impart Sophos professional level certification programs.

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