Passive Networks Implementation

We implement and deliver structured cabling designs and installations, governed by international standards and categories to guarantee secure and scalable networks, ranging from small offices up to datacenter and campuses. Our structured cabling designs allow multi-layered applications to run efficiently and integrate seamlessly with any active components with minimum loss of bandwidth and capacity. Moving forward and ahead of others in the market PON concept which adds more winning strategies is added to our product portfolio, this will allow more expansion for network capacity, coverage and convergence with composite experience of passive and active networking at the physical & L2 level.

Network Design and Planning

Each network has its unique and proprietary design to cope with the ever changing business needs. We believe in the converged network proposition concept a key of reducing CAPEX/OPEX and TCO in best means of planning and design to guarantee the best ROI also to reduce any negative influence on long-term or short-term projects as well as operations and maintenance. Sevengate network team has an accumulative experience in active components configuration, design and planning.

Network Upgrading

Business continuity and up to date integrity is what we aim to achieve, Sevengate IT professionals are strongly trained on insuring minimum downtime operation during the upgrade and expansion phase or during network reengineering, they succeed to accommodate new employees and new IT network components or system integration seamlessly without affecting business or network performance.

Network Security

Sevengate security solutions protect network inbound and outbound traffics using Next Generation Firewalls that work on the Human Layer, delivering a real-time protection against external and internal threats ranging from small and remote offices up to large enterprise clients.

The security solutions that are used help IT managers to get a secure networks by protecting all network layers and levels, it is capable to handle L2 toL7 traffics in various network scenarios also handle Internet security, web servers, web applications, mail security and gateway traffic monitoring using a unified affordable and easy to use solution without compromising security or performance.

Unified Communication

Unified communication simplifies collaboration and gives reliable voice communication, fully integrated video conferencing, mobility, Tele-Presence and more.

We deliver IP based unified communication systems which are easy to use and guarantee five nines availability.

Wireless Networking

Today WiFi is a must have technology and became a popular trend and necessity to all kind of users.

Apart from having a standalone AP deployment we managed to push centralized network controller technology to the market using the best of breed products and professional integration with the network operation center (NOC), this concludes to a paradigm shift of mobility and security principle.

We assure that our solution keeps you unplugged but well connected.

Backup and Recovery Services

Backup solutions safeguard the digital assets economically for decades and grants instant access as needed.

Our data backup software and appliances protect physical, virtual, and multi-platform server environments including remote and branch offices in an agile mechanism built on proven, disk-based technology.

Cloud Backup provides redundant storage, ensured uptime, and guaranteed security even endpoint files are available from anywhere at any time. Backup and recovery boost user productivity and network performance with cloud or onsite recovery setups.

Surveillance Secure Systems

CCTV is a tangible demonstration tool in the fight against crime, terrorism assists with detection. CCTV equipped areas are less attractive target if an offender is aware about this security feature. Monitoring suspicious behavior also gives organizations greater ability to protect their properties and the public from harm.