Enterprises and SMBs have unique needs that influence their technology decisions; they both share the need for a well-managed and secure network and infrastructure which is meant to be reliable, secure, interoperable and upgradable to retain business and to cope with the ever changing demand for new technologies.

Defining business needs requires understanding of various levels of platforms, applications, and hardware in the company as well as the data volumes generated throughout the organization.

Sevengate consultancy services and solutions map all what it needs to guarantee simple, flexible and cost effective solution with best ROI value.

Selecting the best solution that fits your business needs is one of Sevengate scopes. We work with international organizations and agencies to deliver different solutions covering different subjects and levels to serve clients.

Sevengate consultation services allow growth and rapid developments for new technologies without causing complexity, inflexibility or forklift upgrades regardless of business requirements or network environments, also address the complex and ever-changing IT environment of enterprises or SMBs and provide consultation services for a better optimized solutions.

Sevengate consultation services cover the following subjects:

– Implementation of data centers

– Building scalable enterprise network infrastructure

– Web applications management and planning

– Bandwidth management & network resources planning

– Policy enforcement firewall design and configuration

– ISP traffic management and monitoring

– Managing inbound and outbound traffics

– Security design for virtualized environments

– Server farm management and load balancing

– Unified communication planning

– Cloud backup for virtualized environments

– Threat management and MSS

– NAC for the enterprise

– End point data protection